Have you taken a look at the Positive Messages provided by other creatives on PAM’s website?
I have not checked them out yet but I feel that even in the excitement before viewing them that there is an important connective thread hidden within them.
I think that the impressions received for works and music through the internet are dependent on the environment of the listener. Do you make any assumptions based on this when you create?
I wouldn’t go so far as to make any assumptions. I do think of how the environment layers with the listening experience; but since I don’t adjust my work to a baseline of listening by headphones while travelling, it’s not something that I’m consciously doing.
Do you think that the transformation of the world during the current pandemic could be a turning point for further evolution of your creations?
I think that it could be the key to it. Even under the conditions of the same pandemic, the way I feel changes according to how the layers of creation envelop me.
Have there been any changes in the music and art you want to do as a result of the effects of the pandemic?
This really isn’t a detailed explanation of what I want to do, but I think that the strength of unsophisticated expression has not changed. I think that there is an interesting space in the uncertainty of acknowledging current reality, and I don’t know if it will be AR, MR or RR (Real Reality?), but embedding currently running tasks from the field of production technology into art, and the format in opposition to that is also good.

Recone, Iron Island Fes, 2019

Recone, 2019

Recone, Iron Island Fes, 2019

Recomi, 2019

About the world from now on, how do you think it will change in regards to creativity?
When I think of the variables of creativity in online and physical space, I think that these premises in the underground resource of the innernet will influence a more direct intellectual change.
It’s difficult to host parties or live events in the current situation. Will people’s enjoyment of music become more individualistic? Please tell us your thoughts.
I think percentage wise it’s moreso the latter, but when you listen at home, when you listen with headphones, I think that the moment that the many individual ways of reception occurs that it serves the overall sensation; and, as for the original individual ways of enjoying it, I feel that it will lead to more complete involvement. As we are under these kind of conditions, I also feel that small scale outdoor events will increase.
I believe that you have been friends with the two at PAM for a considerable time. Where do you personally find the appeal in PAM?
I think their message that “Energy is fluid” represents their appeal. It’s a type of pure feeling that breaks through context and comes across.
So, what is it that drew you to them?
Their attitude of pure expression, mysteriousness, hyperactivity, extemporaneity, out-programming, and the other parts I discussed earlier.
Could you send a positive message for the future in your own words directed to our readers?
The future is not special, it’s blank and without value. I get excited when I think of it that way— I want to appreciate the first feelings I have.