EYE― the renown frontman for The Boredoms. It’s impossible for me to explain in such a short intro about this band and his work here, but one thing is certain: he is a man who he has breathed new life into every field around the world. When I took my first glance at his responses, I was at a loss. There were so many terms that I had never seen before, and came from such a higher dimension that I couldn’t immediately comprehend the details of his answers. As I delved deeper, I pondered over his ideas while facing new awareness, and my imagination worked to get just even a little closer to his thoughts. I have little confidence that my interpretation of his words is correct, but, the truth is that I’ve finally come to think that it’s probably not that important. I’ve never experienced an email interview such as this, and I look forward to how it will come across to you, the reader. I would like for you to enjoy not only his works as an artist, but also his mix. I believe that many of the readers may experience that this is what it means to be healed.