Emma Kohlmann

Do you think that the transformation of the world during the current pandemic could be a turning point for further evolution of your creations?
I think it makes me more open to challenge myself. The pandemic has made it more clear to me that art isn’t the only thing we can do to help others. But I think there are ways to combine creativity and art-making as a way that informs action.
About the world from now on, how do you think it will change, especially in regards to creativity?
I think the world is in need of more creativity in all facets of life. I think it helps most things when we think outside of conventionality. I think the powers that be bank on the fact that most people don’t think this way. Maybe this will change how we view art and the artists who make work. I hope for a value shift in the sense of division and the way art can be view as pretentious or unattainable. I think about how people create things without the intention of showing them. I hope for more accessibility to do these things.
Could you send a positive message for the future in your own words directed to our readers?
I hope for a better future. I want a better future. Doing the work, whatever that means to you, helping others, doing research and implementing positive change through redistributing resources.