Francesca Gavin
I wasn’t aware of her until Shauna introduced us, but once I learned of how she is engaged with editing and writing for various magazines in addition to curation, I was drawn at once to the strength of her vitality. In her exhibition Mushrooms, in which P.A.M. was also a participant, it goes without saying that all the works were brilliant, and the theme and participating artists were profound. The real charm of her as a curator, one who created her own exhibition while sharing her proposal with the artists, could even be felt through the photographs of the exhibition. Her energy is not just limited to the exhibitions and magazines with which she engages; for example her direct communication with me through email, her responses to this interview, and also her dancing videos viewable on Instagram also transmit her energy. However, it’s not a power that pressures one to rush, it’s a positive energy that brings a smile or inspires. We would like impart that energy to you.