Francesca Gavin

Seana Gavin, ‘Mindful Mushroom’, courtesy of the artist

Amanda Cobbett, ‘Fungi’ © Andrew Montgomery  

Beatrix Potter, Hygrophorus puniceus, pencil and watercolour, 7.10.1894, collected at Smailholm Tower, Kelso, courtesy of the Armitt Trust  

Alex Morrison, ‘Mushroom Motif’ (Black and Ochre), 2017, courtesy of the artist, care of L’inconnue Gallery, Montreal  

Kristel Peters, ‘Mycoschoen’, courtesy of the artist  

Sebastian Cox & Ninela Ivanova, Mycelium + Timber © Petr Krejci Photography

Perks & Mini, ‘Frog Life’, courtesy of the artist  

Hamish Pearch, ‘Cochlea Brick Tuft’, courtesy of the artist  

Graham Little, ‘Untitled (Wood)’ 2019, courtesy of Alison Jacques Gallery, London

Hack the Root © Mae-ling Lokko