Kiki Kudo

I took wood scraps from my home and used them to make planters, and I began to make nukamiso (salted rice bran paste). I also attempted to make sweets which I had not been good at: vegan cookies, Basque cheesecake, almond pie, carrot cake using the remaining pulp from cold-pressed juice—these were all things that I was able to bake. I received a crash course from Brian about how to use Ableton (music production software), so I often made music too, and I always had a camera on hand in the kitchen to take records of meals every day. During lockdown, everything that made Manhattan function as a city stopped, and I lost so many of the little bits of daily happiness that up until now had been easily accessible. The neighborhood coffee shops and bakeries were closed, and I couldn’t frequently meet with friends. Since everyday mealtimes were one of the biggest sources of pleasure during the quarantine, to prevent my routine from being overwhelmed, I challenged myself with different things every day by bringing experimental projects to the kitchen for my motivation.