Kiki Kudo
This is in the past, but there was a period of time where I would never miss any of the columns she wrote in a magazine. I believe it was a monthly project where she would introduce an up-coming artist each time, but I felt she had and edge in her choices that no others had, and I looked forward to reading her articles, the text of which was interesting and uniquely delightful. It’s been over ten years since then, and I learned of her after her move to the USA before this interview, and was stunned by her abilities that had blossomed in the fields of music and vegan food. Even just by watching her cooking show posted on Positive Messages, Grand Street Milki, you will surely be able to feel her unrivaled sensibilities and the captivating dishes that she makes. In her online interview, she responded cheerfully from her SoHo home. She’s enviably free, and spoke frankly, not just about her own activities, but about the reasons why she moved to the US, about her partner Brian Close, and of the current state of NY. That charm, which made me honestly wish to listen to more and more of her stories, is perhaps yet another one of her talents.