Kiki Kudo


Born in Yokohama, currently living in NY. Writer, chef, and music producer. Her articles on fashion and art subculture have been taken up in Magazine House and other cultural magazines, and she has penned a novel in Bungei (Kawade Shobo Shinsha). Published works include Sister Seven Sensation, Yononaka Parody, and the art critique collection post no future (All Kawade Shobo Shinsha). Moved to NY in 2011, and started the art food project CHI-SO-NYC in 2014. In addition to starting to produce music from 2017, she released works on several labels in the USA and Europe. In 2020, she participated in both the GOOD MORNING VINYL04 compilation ALL WELCOME and the Workshop28 compilation released by Workshop in Germany.

Nigh Magazine
Issue 1: The Dawn of a New Age via Positive Messages

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