Laima Leyton

Have you seen other artists’ Positive Messages on the PAM website? Were there any artists or works that resonated with you, or impressed you in particular?
Yes, I’ve seen many. Some are from good friends whom I have always admired and [are] impressed by their works. I love Francesca Gavin’s Ten Facts About Mushrooms, it raises awareness. I like Fergadelic’s Book Reports, it connects to ideas. I love Biscuit’s Mushroom Mixtape, it allows me to dream with sound; it is beautiful.
Do you think that the transformation of the world during the current pandemic could be a turning point for further evolution of your creations?
I am sure it will be. I am not so sure how, but as I said, I am not too worried about “how”; it will happen organically. As I have mentioned before, I had a lot of time to sit with myself, with my own mind, body and spirit; and through discovering more of myself I have also discovered more of life and existence. I am sure this will reflect on my work from here.
Your previous album Home tells the story of the journey you followed as a mother and artist. If you were to release a new album that includes songs you wrote during this period, what would become the theme of this album?
My focus for new material would be in how music can serve as a healing tool. As much as we did not have the chance to attend to live music events, I am sure that music was a great tool for people during this period. I really understand that music can work as a deep healing tool. At the moment, I have been thinking of writing pieces about “stillness”, about being quiet. It’s an image that has been constantly in my head.
About the world from now on, how do you think it will change, especially in regards to creativity?
I hope that people will realize that we are all creative, we are all creators: of our thoughts, of our kids, of our music, of solutions. This can be used in a very negative or a very positive way. What I candidly think will happen from now is that there will be very extreme creations, for the bad and for the good.
Could you tell us of your vision of the future for children, including your own?
I am not really good at telling the future. I tend not to spend too much energy expecting what will come in the future. Best to live now, in this moment. If they live aware at this moment, the future will unfold as it should. There is no future, after all. There is only now.
What do you think is truly important for the next generation of children?
To be aware and awake. To be true to themselves, their feelings, to stay away from fear. Aware of themselves and awake within their surroundings.