Laima Leyton

Could you send a positive message for the future in your own words directed to our readers?
If we go back to the beginning of all existence we will find that all that exists evolved from the same cell that survived in a swamp thousands of years ago. To notice we are all part of the same ecosystem, we are made of atoms and matter and chemical reactions, can lead us to a lot of learning. My positive suggestion is for the readers to meditate on this.
Not many people meditate in Japan. If possible, could you explain in your own words how to get into meditation.
Wow, that is a deep question. Close your eyes, look inside you, what do you see? Are there a lot of thoughts floating in your brain? Do they come and go? Some thoughts are worries; some are memories; some are doubts, judgements. Now, stop paying attention to them, instead, pay attention to your breath. Your breath is pure energy; it's what connects you to the world, to something bigger -not tangible- to the cosmos. Try not to think, breathe. If thoughts keep coming, allow them to come and invite them to leave. Breathe. Voila, you are meditating.