Laima Leyton
In addition to her activities as Mixhell, she plays synthesizers for Soulwax and released solo work in 2019— as a musician she has an extensive career, but prior to that, she had a long history of engagement at the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art, so her knowledge of the arts must be profound. Perhaps the valuable knowledge and broad range of experiences gained through these transitions were the nourishment that cultivated her keen gaze that sees through to the true nature of things and her strong yet supple heart. As a single of exchange with Laima was not enough, she responded in kind to my follow-up questions with finely crafted words. In this interview, even under grim conditions like the present she is unhindered by anxiety or frustration, and her free psychological mindset softly shines through. And at the same time, to those of us who are prone to be stuck in existing ways of thought, she offers a more holistic and neutral point of view.