Laima Leyton


Laima Leyton is a musician, DJ and producer with roots in the São Paulo contemporary art scene. Since 2004, she has performed alongside her husband Iggor Cavalera, as Mixhell: blending electronic and live music that gives dance a harder, rockier edge. Mixhell have been based in London since 2013. Laima played synths on the 2017 SoulWax album From Deewee and its namesake tour. In November of 2019, Laima released her solo record called Home. Home started as a series of poems recorded for Iggor while he was on the road. They chart Laima’s love for her family, her frustration with domestic routine, and the journey she took to balance the two sides of her life: the performer and the mother.

Nigh Magazine
Issue 1: The Dawn of a New Age via Positive Messages

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