Martine Syms
Since last year terms like "lockdown" and "social distancing" have become commonplace, but when imposed upon people, how truly suffocating it is. Perhaps it is even more so for a dynamic artist such as her. Based on her examinations of the portrayal of Blackness in visual culture, Martine Syms has used technology to blend video and performances into multimedia installations that have been shown in countries around the world. She shared with us her works in various forms from 2020, which documented and reminded us of these fluctuations; but in this interview where she spoke plainly about her days during the pandemic, I felt that this would also become a frank record of these unprecedented times. Additionally, in her playlist of 69 songs provided to Positive Messages and the list of beloved books she gave here, her true self is comes across better than any profile, and more than any mere record, I think that you can share her emotional memories.