How did you spend your time during lock-down/quarantine?
Shauna:In a much slower and more reflective space. I spent it with my family in the countryside. I focused on my body through Pilates practice and walking.
Misha:Cycling, running and stretching.
How much change has happened in your personal life and creation, or in your sense of values?
Shauna:I think it gave clarity to what was already there. The sky is the same. Nature doesn’t care about Covid-19. It was so uplifting to think about those things.
How do you think the world will transform from here on out?
Shauna:I’m not sure. I hope we don’t lose the fun of being closely together, like dancing in the club. I really miss travel - it’s a real treasure and privilege to travel.
Now, especially with regard to fashion and art, do you think that the value, need, and demand for it will change? Also, what sort of position will you have facing this?
Shauna:I hope people think about what they are supporting when they buy clothes more. Support each other on a human scale, not a corporate scale.
Misha:YES! Finally!! Value needs to be reconsidered. We tend to value things that $value is assigned to. We hope that art (and all industries) can reconsider what is valuable. Our environment is the most precious. Our time and energy is precious. We should be selective with our output.
Could you tell us of your vision of the future for children, including your own?
Shauna:I hope they make action so as not to be overwhelmed by the situation with Climate Change. I want them to live, take risks and experience. I want them to love and be loved. And enjoy the amazing things that being human can bring.
What do you think is truly important for the next generation of children?
Shauna:I don’t want to dictate. I think each generation knows itself best and it’s arrogant to assume for them. I’m not a sage (yet!)
What sort of parties do you enjoy given the current circumstances?
Misha:Cycling parties!!!
Shauna:Picnics with friends. Outside feels good at the moment.
Could you send out a positive message for the future in your own words directed to our readers?
Shauna:Making action is an antidote.
Misha:Trust Nature! Love it. Touch it. Be a true and joyful part of it.