Then, I will ask Misha. I believe you and Shauna are the most capable of understanding each other. What do you most respect and appreciate about her?
Misha:I love Shauna. Love comes with respect and understanding and so many other things….
Community, sharing, and collaboration feel like essential keywords when talking about PAM. If you were to add another keyword to this list, what would you add?
Misha:Another keyword we always find ourselves using is “feeling”. This is how something feels, not what it is or when/where etc. For us, feelings are the most important—they cannot be quantified, and are super open and honest.
Many brands and artists are collaborating now in various ways, but I don't think the majority of them are genuine collaborations. What does true collaboration mean to you?
Misha:“Collaboration” is perhaps not the best term. I like the idea of working/playing/making something with others. Yes, it’s collaborative, but I prefer to use the words “FUN” or “project with”— True anything means good feelings, and true FUN is the best!