SNS has become widespread in the last few years, but how do you view the future potential and concerns of SNS?
Misha:I am SOOOO lucky that I never signed up to Facebook. Even though maybe I’m missing something, I feel like I am only missing “INFORMATION”. If we are living in an ‘information age’, I’m not very interested; my life prefers to be based on FEELINGS. SNS comes with feelings, but perhaps not always good ones… I prefer the real world. ; )
When making a collection, I believe you pull from your observations, feelings and imagination, etc. as a source. Could you tell us what is the most important point to consider when putting these sources into clothing?
Shauna:It’s important that what we make has expression and talks. We also consider if the item has a reason for being. We don’t want to make what already exists or something that has no reason for being made. We want to make things that communicate and share with our community.
Misha:Right now we ALL have been forced to consider our position. Presently, we are concerned with using resources and energy and time to make things. Right now, we feel anything/everything we make needs a real reason to exist. Communicating a message or adding positivity to the planet and community is at the core of what we are designing and making.
What sort of clothing do you enjoy for yourself? Could you tell us about what motivates you to purchase from brands other than PAM, and the criteria you use to make these purchases?
Misha:I enjoy clothing that has a purpose. For cold, I love wool; for rain, tech (Goretex or other). For footwear: comfort, function. I am riding a lot so my wardrobe tends to revolve around activity.
Shauna:I like to wear clothes made by friends. I can feel human energy in these clothes. I also believe some clothing can contain this feeling even when you don’t know the person who made it.
So, what do you feel that fans of PAM look for in PAM, or what is it that they feel attracted to in the brand?
Shauna:I hope they are attracted to the brand as it’s inclusive and wants to share information about the things that interest us and others. It offers an alternative, it will never be mainstream.
I would like to ask about SS21 collection, as it was created in the midst of the global pandemic. Please tell us about the background of how you came to the theme of NU/AGE and your thoughts on it.
Misha:  At PAM we constantly feel on the edge of a new way/direction. We are always ready and welcome adventure. 2020 really sparked a new adventure; the world hadn’t been in a situation like this in our lifetime, so this was a very real step into the unknown. We not only accept the challenge, but welcome it!