The content provided from each creator spans the range from art to mixes, recipes, famous quotes, etc. Could you elaborate on how you requested participation from these individuals?
Shauna:We are open to all types of contributions, it just has to be a positive message. Something that the author / creator wants to share with people. So [we] approach people, sometimes they come back quickly with ideas, other times they consider what they will do for a long time or the process of creation takes a long time. All of this is AOK, we are not in a hurry - there’s no schedule.
Through Positive Messages submissions from many creators, what were you made aware of or was there anything that you re-realized?
Shauna:So many. We are so happy to have people share on this platform. There’s so much to learn and experience. For example, Collective Dreaming introduced to us by Milari Barker is such a powerful concept and one way to enjoy our friends.
Misha:We love the community. We don’t want to own things, we want to share them. Feelings that resonate with us, we hope to pass onto others. Joy multiplies.
Will this project continue from now on until the end of COVID-19?
Shauna:We have no idea. It will stop when we feel it’s no longer needed.