Started by Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey in 2000 in Melbourne, Australia. At the beginning, P.A.M. started as a collaboration between two artists, Perks (Misha) and Mini (Shauna), but now has become a fashion brand with powerful messaging and a devoted fanbase, and their items are sold in globally respected speciality stores. Additionally, at their flagship stores P.A.M. Store Melbourne and P.A.M. Store Sydney, they offer items from their friend’s brands, and a unique selection of books and records are also on sale. On the other hand, the duo perceives that clothing is one method of expression, and besides the collections they announce each season, they create and exhibit art, develop books and zines for P.A.M. books, and even release mixtapes. Furthermore, surpassing genres and overcoming regional barriers, they actively seek out collaborations with various artists and labels. During Paris Fashion Week In Summer 2019, seven brands including P.A.M. held a collaborative presentation, No Show, which garnered much attention. Since Spring 2020, they launched Positive Messages on their website, where they share diverse messages from a wide range of creatives to a worldwide audience.

Nigh Magazine
Issue 1: The Dawn of a New Age via Positive Messages

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