Peter Sutherland

What is the appeal of collage as a medium of expression when compared to photography?
I’m working on collages and videos right now. I want to make small works that are inexpensive and can be easily sent by mail. I find it more and more difficult to take an amazing photo, so I like the new challenge of making collages. I have been doing them for some years, so it’s just a continuation of that. All of the images in the collages were shot by me, so it’s fun to explore deeper into my own work.
When creating collages, what kind of materials do you use in addition to your own photos?
I like to work with basic sign shops to make my materials. They can make me decals cut out in custom shapes, print on mesh, stickers, etc. I’ve made the recent collages on photo prints. This is something I’ve slowly figured out over some years. It’s specialized but also [uses] very common materials that shops and businesses use.
Is there any change in the feeling or appeal of the photos when you see them as collage materials?
There’s a feeling of excitement that comes from the process of editing them down and then combining them back together. I hope the pieces look like they were fun to make and have a pop energy to viewers. All of the images feel nice to me because they come from my own experiences- some are related to family and friends, etc.