Peter Sutherland
About the world from now on, how do you think it will change, especially in regards to creativity?
For me, it’s an emotional roller coaster every day. I want our son to be safe and feel safe, and just have a good childhood. We live in the countryside now so it’s a different pace. We are enjoying that and the way it shifts the creative feelings.
I was a little surprised to hear that you left NYC. Did you move to Colorado for the sake of your child's environment?
I respect and support everyone that stayed in NYC during this time and I think in some ways they are being rewarded. I’ve spoken to friends that say it’s a special time there. I wanted to reduce my cost of living and wanted to do something different during the pandemic. We were actually about to move to Los Angeles anyway. We were in LA for March and April but came to Colorado instead of renting a place in California. There is no real plan; just trying to make the best of the time for my family. We might go back to NYC or LA some[day], but for now, this is cool.
I believe that becoming a father has changed your way of thinking and life, but has your style or attitude as photographer/artist also changed?
For me, having a kid made me lose some interest in dark, depressing subject matter. This is something I may have been into more before he was born. My favorite artists, musicians, and even designers are sort of like storytellers. They can share things in a different way that makes you feel something. For me, photography or video are the best ways to tell a story and put my own touch on it. Also, in the last 20 years, I have seen photography itself change so much. It is everywhere and much more a part of our lives now, obviously, because of digital experiences.
What are your most important thoughts or ideas in your daily life and creation now?
It’s important to be in the moment. I am excited about political change, environmental awareness, race and gender progress; all of these are things [that] I think many people are thinking about now. In terms of making art or creative work, I just keep on going and hope for the best. If I am really excited about my work that is usually the best work.
Could you send a positive message for the future in your own words directed to our readers?
Life is precious! Share your time and creativity with those you love. Maybe ride a bike or find something that makes you happy.