Peter Sutherland
The works of Peter Sutherland as a photographer and filmmaker, who has a range of fans in Japan as well as overseas, have reached our eyes countless times. Even during the period where he engaged in many commercial projects, I think he centered his subjects on things near to him, or things that he had interest in. His unstudied style doesn’t choose the appreciator, in complete opposition of the terms “moru” (exaggerating appearances) and “bae” (putting on appearances) widely used recently in Japan, he keeps it cool while being completely real. In those photographs, you can feel the object of his curiosity and even the sensibilities from his youth, and it arouses a sense of familiarity and something akin to nostalgia. The portrait he sent of himself shortly after he moved away from NYC, which long cultivated not only his career but also his community, had such a gentle countenance that I couldn’t help but smile when I saw it. Over the past several years he has been focusing on collage works, and naturally I have high expectations for his future creations made from the point of view as a father. The reason why is that there is warmth in his photos capturing his family, and being there is cool.