Due to the situation, if I were to say that I noticed what is truly necessary and dear to me, it’s that I think what we can do in our creations has been made clear.

Interview (2020)

Last year (2019), you collaborated with PAM. I heard that you exchanged image sources through Dropbox. Did it feel like was a shared diary through graphics?
It was closer to what you would call as a DJ, "Back to Back” (a play-style where several DJs interchangeably put on songs), rather than a shared diary.

P.A.M. × Yoshirotten “Children of The Stones” 2019 After Party at Mitsuki
(L: Yoshirotten, R: Misha Hollenbach)

It was really an intuitive exchange: we each offered images that seemed to connect to our inspiration, and then we would respond to each other’s moves. We used those images in the Dropbox as materials for collages as we liked, I threw in edited versions of my past works, and then Misha added his own touches on top of that. Before this collaboration, when I had DJed back to back at a club called Bonobo in Harajuku, Misha had also participated there; so when we had our first meeting about this project, we spoke about how we wanted do it like how we went back to back at that time.