As an art director, you have been involved in many commercial projects. I have the impression that art director and artist are similar but different in nature. Do you feel any difficulties in being in both positions?
There are things that I can take advantage of because I balance both, and then can be realized. If there were things that I wanted to try but couldn’t do in commercial work, I can take up these challenges in my personal works. The trials and experiments I undertake there will then become actual achievements that I can propose in future commercial work, and the range of work I can undertake is broadened because of it. Also, conversely, my personal creative activities in most cases only reach a certain group of people who are interested in art , and there are limits on its range of transmission and its ability to send out a message. But, in commercial work, the client or the brand will broadcast it, and the things we wanted to make people aware of and what we want to propose reach a broader audience. So, my work as an artist and my commercial work have a mutual relationship within me, and I feel that by balancing them, both evolve further.