This interest in nature that you mentioned previously is something you have sustained as an artist, but have you had any opportunities to reflect this in your commercial work?
I am inspired by nature, and often adopt the colors and shapes as design elements or motifs. Furthermore, in making use of natural places, the opportunities to be involved with products that could only have been made in these locations has increased, and by incorporating the land, sky and background of those places into my own artwork, I create visuals that conjure up the very atmosphere that I felt in those lands. In doing so, I would say that since I am able to convey a fresher image of these places, the youth become interested and it also connects to making reasons to go there.
Could you please tell us about your work for Positive Messages.
We had been thinking of releasing images and sound that reflected our feelings at the moment, so we used this choice opportunity to make a portion of it public. Especially since the world is down due to COVID-19, this piece is one that expresses “positive movement toward light” and “reflection upon the existence of eternal nature” through music and imagery.