It’s the piece you made with Takakahn, as the music unit YATT, right? It’s been ten years since YATT was active — what was the reason for re-starting now?
In a profile we wrote about ten years ago, we stated that we would release something in 2020. At the time, 2020 felt like it was so far away, and it was the vague future; but from around last year, we felt that we needed to get to work since it was nearly 2020. But, in these ten years, I’ve established my office YAR and have continued with design work, and Takakahn has collected vintage pieces, and developed his music composition skills through dedicated study. We both go at our own pace, so we don’t have a set release date but we are both definitely evolving so I look forward to our future activities.
Do you think that the transformation of the world during the current pandemic could be a turning point for further evolution of your creations? Also, how do you think the world will change from now on, especially in regards to creativity?
Due to the situation, if I were to say that I noticed what is truly necessary and dear to me, it’s that I think what we can do in our creations has been made clear. Also, like PAM, the world on the internet will likely also spread not just information but ideas and expressions. On the other hand, I also feel that there will be greater importance on the experience of seeing and feeling things directly.
I think the environment and the needs of the audience will also change. In what way do you think you will present future works in accordance to these changes?
I’ve been thinking about this for some time, and I would like to try something like land art. Not showing pieces in the fixed white cube of a gallery, but out in the field, in the middle of nature— I want to challenge myself on how to make a creation that uses that environment and how to show it in a manner that takes even the weather into consideration. In the past, people having to take the trouble to bring themselves to the location of the work would have been a barrier but now you can broadcast on the internet, and I think that even satellite feeds will be possible. On the other hand, I think there is a dimension that can only be felt if it is seen after visiting that place in person, and it’s fascinating that there are these two ways to enjoy it.