Do you have any views for the future or additional things you want to undertake?
Nothing concrete. For me, I started from flat graphics, and because I continued with various activities such as my hobby of music or art, I was able to make video, to become involved in spatial design, and also became able to make large scale installations. Though what I do has changed over the years, the foundation hasn’t changed. You could say that I’ve changed as usual. So, I’m looking forward to seeing what this will become, and I get excited when I think of the numerous new challenges and people I will meet in the future.
When you take on a new challenge, do you ever feel any uncertainty?
Not really. I think my desire to try is stronger. Even when look back on everything I’ve done so far, I start from a desire to try something I haven’t attempted before, and the build-up of my successful attempts—of course there were some unsuccessful attempts— those connect to now, where I can do it and want to try the next thing. It’s not done on my own power, and I truly feel that it’s because of the team who works with me, and the people that I have met who create with me that I have been able to make this a reality.
Could you send a positive message for the future in your own words directed to our readers?
It’s more fun if tomorrow is fun too! (YATT)