Over these several years, the times I have run across his name has especially increased. As he has spoken in his interview, it’s likely because he has broadened his range of potential through the build up of each of his new challenges. This is my personal interpretation but the strongest impression I receive from all of his works is their purity. In FUTURE NATURE held in 2018, which is one of the reasons why his name became so widely known, he put his pure thoughts into visible form without allowing even one ounce of contamination, and the amount of energy that was needed to present such a large scale exhibition is beyond imagination. However, if the basis of that energy is from his reverence of nature, then the reason why he can deeply communicate with P.A.M. makes sense. When I connected online along with my high interest, his matter-of-fact expression was almost a blank slate on the computer screen, so the occasions that he expressed even a little fire especially accented his words and left an impression.