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Updata: 19th February 2021

Until February 28

Photos by Yuzo Nagahara

P.A.M. (Perks and Mini) ― whether as a fashion label or as artists, they garner fervent support from their core fans. Creatives around the world responded to P.A.M.’s call to action, and the messages sent to them became the online platform, Positive Messages which can be shared with anyone. We would love for you to read the details about the project on P.A.M.’s website as well as in this magazine, but since their beginnings in 2000, they’ve connected directly with a broad range of artists, built a community, and have continued to share so much that we must say that this project was one that only P.A.M. could have achieved.

A Positive Message is the new label from P.A.M. introduced here, which was started to amplify the messages and ideas presented online into the offline world. Product offerings range from tees to goods such as socks and water bottles, and in addition to using EcoLife® yarn, the production facilities themselves are considerate of society and the environment. The manner in which each artist’s message or artwork has been captured according to P.A.M.’s unique point-of-view and interpretation is yet another point of interest.

For example, the t-shirt featuring EYE  from The Boredoms (POZ MEZ EYE QR CODE SS TEE) has a back print including a QR code that links to a mix of a live recording made in Nara. Also, the guide for Collective Dreaming from the Paris-based artist with Australian Aboriginal roots Milari Barker (POZ MEZ COLLECTIVE DREAMING SS TEE), has graphics illustrating out-of-body experience, astral travel, and selflessness. The messages gathered are not simply printed as they were received, but the playfulness and free-spirited nature characteristic to P.A.M. is tangible, and the deep trust between the participating artists and P.A.M. shines through.

This A Positive Message pop-up open until February 28th (Sun) is also something that was brought into existence from the curation of Big Love Records, an import record shop which has a strong relationship with P.A.M.. Connect, the location for the shop, seeks to be a meeting grounds for new values and communication through design, and is a fresh space proposed by CIBONE for their renewal after moving into Omotesando from their previous location in Gaienmae last year. Also, Big Love Records is also in charge of curating the artists and selecting the music for the space. In other words, this pop-up can be called a collaboration between these three parties.

In addition to the display of large scale prints of works from artists participating in Positive Messages for the event, zines from P.A.M. books and other related printed materials are on display and for sale, and special limited edition photo prints from six spirited artists including Misha Hollenbach, Peter Sutherland, and Nick Sethi are also available.

Perhaps you may feel hesitant to visit since the soft state of emergency has been extended, but this will certainly be a rare opportunity to physically take in these works and the atmosphere unique to these times. If you happen to be in the area, why not step in for the experience?

CIBONE x Big Love Records x A Positive Message
Dates: 2021.2.8 (Mon)—2.28 (Sun)
5-10-1 Jingumae, GYRE B1F Shibuya, Tokyo
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