The Dawn of a New Age via Positive Messages

Nigh Magazine Issue 1: 

When the symptoms of the pandemic began to grow dark in Spring 2020, P.A.M. suddenly took it upon themselves to create Positive Messages on their website: where creatives around the world in their network from a wide range of genres participated, and, through interpreting P.A.M.’s request through their own individual lens, sent messages of “positive things” and “things to share with others” for publication.

As of February 2021, the fifty-seven messages posted have no fixed format, and not a single message contains the cliché statement calling the audience to do their best to carry on. The content spans a wide range from artwork to recipes and even essays; and, as all the content is posted in English, perhaps it comes off difficult to access at first glance. Furthermore, in the same manner as cultural matters—such as novels, movies, and music—how it comes across is left up to the recipient’s feelings and environment, and the times. Although the world is confused and falling into darkness, for the majority of people it is certain that there are items that make profound sense and there are things to be gained; moreover I think that a ray of hope can be felt throughout the project

For this, the inaugural issue of Nigh Magazine, we have made this project which captures the “Dawn of a New Age” now as dark clouds tower over us as its central axis, and we deliver to you interviews of the originators of the project, P.A.M., and eight participants, along with photos of their creations and recent snapshots. Under these still unprecedented circumstances, feeling, thinking, praying, and imagining various matters more than ever before, their messages and words should shed light upon a new point of view for us. Also, in the same way as I felt when reporting, their inexhaustible creativity is not simply something to appreciate from the other side of the screen, but it should become familiar and warm encouragement that inspires you.,

And, as the conclusion of this introduction, I would like to introduce the words from a Hopi Indigenous leader, chosen by Brian Close as the first message for Positive Messages. I hope that you can feel the even just a glimpse of the essence of this project.

Nigh Magazine
Nahoko Mori

Message from White Eagle, Hopi Indigenous on 03/16/2020

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