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Around 15 years ago, for the issue where I was in charge of my first feature theme as a managing editor for a certain magazine, it was P.A.M. who provided the cover artwork. That issue, which focused on the network of creators, was where we originally searched for the crossover of the creative and cultural scenes, but as we went on to prepare for the interviews, we realized that it was not the “scene” that we should seek out, it was something that was in a much earlier stage than when it became a scene. It was something closer to the starting point― in other words ― the human connection that was built by artists meeting each other, and recognizing each other’s talents and ways of thought. Additionally, it was also the mutual attraction at the foundation of their connections, and the new possibilities born from resonating and inspiring each other. What I realized there had a major influence upon me as an editor, and this also unexpectedly connected to the editorial theme of Nigh Magazine, where we would like to touch upon the core of the matters and the people, more so than following the current trends.

From the beginning, P.A.M. has always been open-minded and sensitive to talents they feel are outstanding. They also value “learning,” “sharing,” and “understanding each other”. This is precisely why I asked them to make the cover for the issue at that time. Even now, this attitude of P.A.M.’s is completely unshaken, and their attractive force has not changed, rather it has become even stronger.

Last spring, at a time when everyone was uncertain and irritable and the world was in discontent, from what I heard, Misha and Shauna themselves had to leave their home during lockdown in Paris to suddenly move back to Melbourne. In those circumstances, the simple and direct concept filled with love to share positive messages came to them, and their immediate action once again made me keenly aware of the pure strength of the duo. After I had finished the interviews I was convinced that this could only have been brought into existence due to P.A.M. having long-standing, straightforward and honest connections with their community.

In these unprecedented times during the pandemic, I think that it was quite significant that we were able to interview these nine artists. Exceptional thoughts were imbued to their answers as well as the questions about topics that would be unheard of in normal times, and I felt that there were words that could only have been born in these times. The words in interviews always feel to me like a living creature drawn up from the springs of the speakers thoughts, minds, and experiences. I would be overjoyed if their words spoken here could be read as a vibrant living creature that reaches your heart and provides some inspiration.

Finally, to Misha and Shauna of P.A.M. and the artists who took time out of their busy schedules for the interviews, and to everyone who supported us, I express my gratitude to you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best.

Nigh Magazine
Nahoko Mori


Nigh Magazine Issue 1:
The Dawn of a New Age via Positive Messages

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